Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter bunny delivers!

Hope you don't mind a quickie. Life is rolling on and on here at the Nimrod Ranch.

Turns out with the selling of the Heep and me being forced into driving the Turse has forced me into a corner. The lil ol boat Monkey and I used on our excursions to the numerous small lakes around the ranch doesn't fit on top of the Turse.

So I set out on a short journey and the other night the Easter Bunny delivered our new vessel. A 15 foot canoe. We have plans for her maiden voyage and she is yet unnamed.

I am open to any idears for names for her. Shes not the sleekest boat in the water, but a pretty green with three seats. If you have an idear post a comment or post something to our Facebook Page. While your there click on "Like."

Oh by the way, the Easter Bunny bringing the vessel home was more than a cliche... check out Yoops Bunny Wagon!