Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We've Moved!

Times have changed and the Nimrod crews run on blogger is over. This is a decent platform for a blog, especially for the not so tech savvy.

Times are changing and Nimrod is eying some major changes to the blog. The first step is to move the blog to a new platform. One that is easier to integrate and allows us to do more with the blog.

Have no fear, all the old posts and comments were imported to the new blog. Its the same ol Nimrod, just new location.

Please update any bookmarks to:

Also if your on the Facebook stop by and like the Nimrod Diaries page:

The future is bright and open ended!

See you in the outdoors!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday OBN!

In the every expanding and redundant world of electronic communication you occasionally find a means that fits what you need perfectly. The Nimrod crew doesn't need phones that are smarter than we are, nor do we need a way of posting to Facebook, Google+, Tweeter, youtube, Vimeo, or whatever else all with the click of a fake button.

Awhile back Nimrod was looking for a way to promote the diaries to other outdoor bloggers/enthusiasts as well as motivation and help with the Diaries. I tried a few websites but never felt it was a good fit. Then I found it. "The One."

It seems so long ago; seems like yesterday. The place is the Outdoor Blogger Network. Tomorrow, Oct 18th, they are celebrating their one year anniversary. Crazy. It seems like it was last night I was debating if I wanted more people actually reading the Diaries. Wait it was. Anyway, in celebration they are having a series of giveaways to members. Check out the post on the OBN for more details.

If you have an outdoor blog I highly recommend having it listed in the OBN Directory. Its free and will give your blog more visibility to the outdoor reader. I have not taken full advantage of the exposure but know the exposure on OBN can be priceless. Check them out if your looking for a great outdoor blog to read (don't worry I won't think your cheating). The OBN Directory has it all. If they don't start up the blog and add it to the OBN Directory!

OBN: Congrats on the first year! We look forward to many, many more. And thanks for putting up with those of us on the Nimrod Diaries.